Anti Spam Policy

When agree to use OPTIMAIS services, then user has to be accept to the use our services according to OPTIMAIS Anti-Spam Policy below. In use of services, user has to obey Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If there’s any user use OPTIMAIS in order to Spamming, then we will deactivate your OPTIMAIS account immediately. Furthermore, we will not accept request of refund that has paid before.



What is Spam?

Spam/Junk Email is commercial mail that unwanted/needed by recipients, especially a bulk sent mail. The mail is classified as unwanted message because the recipient has not give any permission to the mail, and the permission could be in form of verification message. Bulk means email is sent to huge number of recipients. Spamming refers to any kind of transmission, distribution or delivery to correspondences in form of unwanted commercial emails, in huge number and sent through electronic communication media.

An electronic message is categorized as a ‘spam’ if (A) Recipient’s Personal Identity is irrelevant with the context inside of mail because the mail is also sent to many of other recipients; AND (B) Recipient has not verified any actions related to drive the sending of mails explicitly.

Email marketing software tools like OPTIMAIS has ability to secure white-listed status as an Internet Service Provider. Therefore, we are seriously consider this Spam issues.

There are something that not allowed in OPTIMAIS related with email list:

1.    The existence of email delivery to email recipients who have not given you permission to send email.

2.    Using email lists obtained from buying, renting, leasing or by any means obtained from third parties.

3.    Using email lists obtained from public data available online. If someone publishes their email address, it does not mean they want to get email from you.

4.    If you have not made contact with them within the last 2 years, then the email list should not be used.

5.    This is because these people may have changed their email address and most importantly they will not remember giving you permission to send email.

If there is something you want to do, but you doubt whether it is allowed or not then please contact us. We’ll be happy to help you.

Restricted Content

Don’t use OPTIMAIS to send something offensive, advertise/promote illegal stuffs, or do any kind of violences.

You are not allowed to send email in form of:

1.    Don’t use OPTIMAIS to send something offensive, advertise/promote illegal stuffs, or do any kind of violences.

2.    You are not allowed to send email in form of:

To maintain the credibility of our performance, we will not cooperate with some industries that are laden with complaints of higher than average harassment.

We will not allow any business that offers following types of services, products or content:

1.    To maintain the credibility of our performance, we will not cooperate with some industries that are laden with complaints of higher than average harassment.

2.    We will not allow any business that offers following types of services, products or content:

Policy Enforcement

1.    Postal AddressThe user must provide correct and accurate postal address that will be included in each email footer. User shall maintain and promptly update this data to ensure that the data used at the moment is complete and accurate. OPTIMAIS will actively monitor all messages sent to verify that the sender information included in the message body is appropriate.

2.    GamblingEach of submitted email must include a link to unsubscribe / opt-out at the bottom of the message, to actively update your subscriber list to avoid the possibility of sending unwanted emails to unsubscribed visitors. This Unsubscription link can not be deleted or removed. OPTIMAIS will automatically handle all unsubscribe requests on behalf of Customer.

3.    Double-opt in ToolsWe provide tools needed by customer to create double opt-in list.

4.    Import Email ListAll imported email list will be verified and tracked by our team. This is to prevent any 3rd party email address. Before importing email list, make sure you have no non-specific addresses, such as: info@domain.com, sales@domain.com, webmaster@domain.com, bisnis@domain.com or other addresses on email list.

5.    MonitoringAll email submission activities are monitored by our experienced team and if we find that you are emailing people without their permission, we will close your account immediately.

Optimais’s Anti-Spam Policy


Optimais can only be used for permission- based marketing. Spam accounts will be closed immediately. Please read and agree to our Anti-Spam Policy to continue.


What is SPAM?


Spam is any email vou send to someone who hasn’t given you their direct permission to contact them on the topic of the email.

When you send an email to someone you don’t know, that’s an “unsolicited” email. Sending one unsolicited message to someone is obviously not spam. But when you send an unsolicited email to an entire list of people you don’t know, that’s spam.

What kind of email addresses are OK to send to with Optimais ?


To send email to anyone, you need to have their permission. This could be done through:

·  An email newsletter subscribe form on your web site.

·   An opt-in checkbox on a form. This checkbox must not be checked by default, the person completing the form must willingly select the checkbox to indicate they want to hear from you.

·      If someone completes an offline form like a survey or enters a competition, you can only contact them if it was explained to them that they would be contacted by email AND they ticked a box indicating they would like to be contacted.

·      Customers who have purchased from you within the last 2 years.


What kind of email address ARE NOT OK to send to with Optimais?


You can’t import or send to any email address which:

            You do not have explicit, provable permission to contact in relation to the topic of the email you’re sending.

            You bought, loaned, rented or in any way acquired from a third party, no matter what they claim about quality or permission. You
need to obtain permission yourself.

            You haven’t contacted them via email in the last 2 years. Permission doesn’t age well and these people have either changed email
address or won’t remember giving their permission in the first place.

            You scraped or copy and pasted from the web. Just because people publish their email address doesn’t mean they want to hear
from you.


What content MUST I include in my email?

Every email you send using Optimais must include a single-click unsubscribe link that instantly removes the subscriber from your list.

Once they unsubscribe, you can never email them again.


Account Suspension

We reserve the right to suspend your account immediately and start investigating your activity if your campaigns have high

percentage of spam complaints (more than 0.2%), bounces (more than 5%), unsubscribes (more than 1%) or very small open rate (less

than 3%). If it turns out that you were sending emails without permission – we will terminate your account.


We can ask you to prove that you have permission from your recipients and we can close your account if you do not have such proof. Otherwise, we will

activate your account and you will be able to use the service again.


Multiple account abuse

Creating multiple accounts with overlapping uses (similar email content, same links or same FROM email) or in order to evade the

permanent suspension of a separate account is strictly forbidden.



If There’s Any Violations To Above Provisions, What Will Happen?

If we find that you are violating the above provisions, then you will receive some or all of the following actions as punishment:

1.    We will deactivate your account shortly.

2.    We will not refund any fees that you have paid in advance.

Possible actions we will take:

1.    We may ask you for compensation if your spamming activity could cause any interruption to our services for other customers.

2.    We may take legal action against you.

If there’s any complaints given by your subscriber, then we will do these following actions:

1.    If the complaint is referred to account of sender, then we will send warning email to the account.

2.    If there still a complaint even though we had send a warning email, then the account will be suspended by our team.

Note: We do not necessarily make any error decisions. We will investigate all sample messages of potentially spam messages before making a final decision.

OPTIMAIS is only for businesses and organizations that already have opt-in email lists based on permissions from customers. We provide our products only for those who follow the rules. We have no tolerance for violating our Anti Spam Policy.